We want to make fundraising as easy and beneficial as possible. That's why we've created a simple program that allows organizations to meet their fundraising goals by selling delicious fruit and high quality food items. Here's how it works:

The organization chooses the MinnTex products they want to sell and assigns each salesperson a unique "student code".
You enter your salesperson's "student code" or select your organization to see available products
You place your order online and your salesperson and organization receive credit for the sale.
MinnTex delivers all orders to the school or organization after the fundraising period has ended.
The organization delivers orders directly to its customers, or arranges for the customers to pick up their orders at a pre-determined location, date and time.
Your organization receives a generous percentage of all sales generated during the fundraising period.


Are MinnTex products guaranteed?
Yes. MinnTex Citrus guarantees products against spoilage or damage at time of delivery to the school/organization. Schools/Organizations are responsible to inspect their product upon arrival, and any claim of spoilage or damage must be made by the school/organization within 2 days of when they received Their product from MinnTex. MinnTex Citrus accepts no responsibility for handling or appropriate storage of products after they have been delivered to the school/organization. For this reason, customers (you) must direct all customer service inquiries, requests for product returns, refunds and/or exchanges to the school/organization you choose to support when you purchase your product(s). It is the responsibility of each school/organization to maintain and communicate its policies regarding product guarantees, returns, refunds & exchanges. For your school/organization’s contact information, see our “Contact Us” page.
I never received my order. Who should I contact?
Please contact your organization directly if you haven't received your order. All final delivery to customers is handled by the school/organization. MinnTex is not responsible for delivery to individual customers.
Can I place an order if I don't have a student code?
Yes. Simply choose the school or organization you want to support, find the items you would like to purchase, and complete your order. You will have the option during checkout to enter a student's name to give them credit for your purchase. However, please note that if you don't use a a valid student code, you will be responsible for picking up your order from the organization.

Convenient delivery, directly from your organization

All orders are delivered/fulfilled by the school or organization you are supporting. MinnTex delivers the fresh fruit and other products to your organization, and the student associated with the "student code" you've entered is responsible to deliver your items to you. If you do not enter a valid "student code" at the time of purchase, you will be responsible for picking up your order from the organization. See our Shipping/Delivery Policy for further details.

For exact delivery dates, please contact your organization. For fall sales, we typically deliver between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For winter/spring sales, we typically deliver in March.

How your purchase helps your organization

Every purchase you make online helps to support your selected organization. Your organization will receive a generous percentage on every item sold. Our services are fully transparent, so your organization knows exactly how much they will make on every sale.

High-quality products you actually want

MinnTex Citrus brings you fresh, delicious fruit and other food items that are already on your shopping list. We're committed to delivering the finest quality, and we often hear that our products are fresher, tastier, and often less expensive than what you'd find at your local grocery store.


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