A history of quality fruit.
A legacy of better fundraising.

For almost four decades, MinnTex Citrus has helped organizations raise money through providing high-quality fruit their supporters love and look forward to each year...and we've kept it in the family that whole time.

The story begins in the winter of 1978 when grandfather Maynard Johnson purchased a citrus grove in the south Texas countryside. Three years later, MinnTex Citrus was officially launched in Windom, Minnesota when we began calling on organizations to sell our Texas grapefruit and oranges for their fundraising projects. The response was immediately positive, and we soon expanded our offerings to include California navel oranges, Washington apples and pears, and selections of quality cheese, sausage, and nut products.

MinnTex Citrus continues to be a family owned and operated business that specializes in delivering high-quality products at a reasonable price so you can meet all of your fundraising goals.


A fundraising program you can be proud of

Many fundraisers involve selling overpriced goods that people don't really want but feel obligated to buy because of the cause. At MinnTex, we do things a little differently...providing quality fresh fruit, cheese, sausage, and nuts at competitive prices. That means you get quality food you'd buy anyway with the added bonus of knowing you're supporting a person and cause you care about. With MinnTex, it's a win-win!

Committed to quality

We stand behind the quality of every product we sell. Our customers often tell us that the fruit we deliver is of noticeably better quality than what they can purchase locally. With MinnTex, you can't wait until it's fundraising season again.


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